2017 Tassy Walden Awards – Honorable Mention

An as yet unpublished picture book

Grackle takes you on the journey of common grackles as they join together to create one flock. Numeric nomenclature and a poetic structure are used to describe this avian spectacle. Their roosting on treetops, raucous chatter and stiff wing beats are experienced with simplicity.

Non-fiction with an artist’s imagery, notes in the back of the book contain Grackle Facts and reference books and websites.


“Grackle was a lovely ode to nature, and was planned with great precision and elegance. The simplicity was impressive and I found it arresting!”
2017 Tassy Walden Awards

“We (the judges) all thought it had great potential. Your story was in the pile of manuscripts that I read first. It rose to the top of my pile right away. I really like the concept, and the story’s mathematical progression is also compelling.”
2017 Susan P. Bloom Children’s Book Discovery Award