CLAM Critiques

I was pleased to receive both the first level and finalist judges’ comments from the Tassy Walden Awards regarding my winning picture book, CLAMCapture5

From the first level judge who decides which submissions are forwarded to the finalist judge came;
“I liked the humor in the writing, as well as the change in character from beginning to end. (My nine-year-old son particularly liked this story.)”

The fact that a nine-year-old liked a picture book thrilled me. The humor is silly.

The finalist judge commented extensively;
“Charlice’s cover was instantly arresting: The curious seagull’s head popping into the composition upside down at close range is a brilliant way to create tension (you immediately know there’s a food chain involved here!) and draw in the reader’s curiosity as well. The simplicity and clarity of the cover shows a sensitivity to how design impacts emotive response, and I saw that sensitivity play out throughout the dummy…. I also thought she did a wonderful job of making the animals feel as if they had human/relatable emotions and conversation through the use of gesture, without overly anthropomorphizing the animals. She remains so true to nature, and I found the book’s light educational angles appealing as well. The book’s storyline coming “full circle” at the end showed her understanding of the picture book reading experience as one that should drive the reader to want to start all over again as soon as you finish.”

Thank you judges for being part of the Tassy Walden Awards.

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