My Garden Orb Spider



Spiders give me the creeps!

As a small child, I sat on a spider that was hanging over the toilet seat. Eeeek!!!!!!!

The past few weeks I have been working on a story about a orb spider. So why did I choose to write about something that scares me? If I can make one child not afraid, I’ve done my job. My research has shown me that spiders are fascinating, and I have also become good friends with an orb spider in my garden(note: it is outside, not inside.) Here are a few interesting spider facts I read on the National Geographic website:
1. Sometimes a spider’s brain is so big it can spill over into its legs.
2. Only about one-half of all spider species use their silk to spin webs.
3. Spider silk is stronger than steel for its size and can stretch 200 times its length.

What is my next story about? SNAKES!

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